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Logging in

On this demonstration site you can view the site as a user (one of your customers).  It is up to you as the administrator if you allow new users to register themselves or if you want to register them.

A sample user login is: 

ID:  John Example

Password:  ibooka


Also n this Demo Site you can be the Site Administrator and "run" the site.  You will be able to change settings, review bookings or run management commands.

The Administrator login is:

ID:  admin

Password:  ibooka


If you want to experience how email confirmations work then please register yourself as a user by clicking the register button on the left.

Weddings Demo Site

This is an ibooka demonstration site for Clubs, Community Centres and other organisations that host wedding receptions.    The first thing that users would do is reconfigure (or ask ibooka to reconfigure for free) their ibooka site to look like own web site.  This is a simple task and we are delighted to help by performing this for you.

Now you are ready to see how easy it it for your customers to book their use of your facility and other services that you offer though ibooka.   You can hold back dates from being available for booking and manage peak periods (high summer) with ibooka.

Please note that this demo has a "local time" of the UK (GMT), in live systems the "local time" is configured to the local time desired by customers.  Therefore, in this demo, if you are in a different timezone you may find that the booking availability on the current day appears out of step with your local time.


The ibooka system is an online internet based booking system that each club/organization controls (locally or centrally), it allows their customers to choose and select services that they have made available to them such as a hall, catering, band/disco or specials such as balloon arches. 

Your customers can then book (and if you select, pay in full or a deposit, securely and direct to the club via credit/debit card) through the secure web site. The ibooka system can be configured so that people can book immediately or cannot book less than 1 week or month, etc in advance and the club and the customer will get an email confirmation each time a customer does make a booking. 

It is a great service and differentiator but best of all only costs a few pennies (just a little more than the cost of a phone call from a potential customer to the club) per booking and no other costs

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